Heather McFadden - Lactation Consultant

What People are Saying

"If we have angels in life that help us along the way I know Heather is one of mine. In my darkest moment, I will never forget the relief I felt when I heard this sweet voice on the other side of the phone." Anastasia - New York, NY

"Heather helped me when I was having issues nursing my low-birth-weight newborn.  With her in-depth knowledge, she came up with insightful solutions that set my baby and I on the road to breastfeeding success.  She made me feel comfortable and gave me the encouragement I needed to know I was doing everything right for my baby. Heather is loving, caring, and has a passion for what she does." Kara - NJ

"Heather was a tremendous help in my son's recovery from his tongue-tie procedure (frenotomy).  She was able to give valuable assistance in teaching his tongue to work properly again and reeducate both of us in an appropriate latch. My baby took to her easily and her playful, laid back spirit was so comforting to both of us in a time of stress." Shannon - New York, NY

"My husband and I recently took a private prenatal breastfeeding class with Heather. It was everything I had expected to learn and much, much more. The class was informative and thorough without leaving us feeling overwhelmed. Heather's easy demeanor made us feel comfortable and her professional but relaxed approach made us feel we were with a friend whom we could trust. I feel so calm knowing that she is only a phone call away and look forward to having her by my side when my baby arrives into this world!!!" Cherice - New York, NY

"Heather was an angel sent from heaven!  Every new mother should have her on their team of caregivers." Charlene - New York, NY

"Heather took the worry and anxiety out of breastfeeding. She even taught me to use my breast pump, saving me from another 20 page manual!" Mia - Huntington, NY

"Heather is whip smart, driven and incredibly compassionate.  This mixture makes her the perfect choice to help mommies and babies get over any nursing hurdles. Breastfeeding was excruciating for me. Heather helped me figure out how to make it a joy." Elizabeth - New York, NY

"If not for Heather I would have entirely given up on breastfeeding the second week of my daughter's life.  She was completely supportive, easy-going, and a godsend. I only wish I had seen her in the first 48 hours after I gave birth instead of waiting until the second week. She is one of the main reasons I was able to successfully breastfeed both of my daughters." Kathy - Montclair, NJ